Access Consultancy

Access Consultancy Services

Part M of the Second Schedule of the Building Regulations now requires a Disability Access Certificate for new building works. This legislation runs in parallel with the Disability Act 2005 Disability Act 2005 Disability Act 2005 which retrospectively enforces access compliance to public and private sector buildings. MSA provide consultancy services to deliver access strategies commensurate with the requirements of the legislation while also meeting client driven aspirations for safe access & egress at reasonable cost and minimal disruption.


Provide a Disability Access Compliance Report identifying:
• Clear strategy showing compliance with Approved Document M and where alternative solutions are adopted.
• Assessment and specification for Ramps, Stepped Access, Handrails to a buildings.
• Assessment of the requirement for Accessible Entrances including requirements for Doors, Powered Doors, Glass Doors and Lobbies.
• Assessment of horizontal and vertical circulation including: Corridors and passageways, Internal lobbies, Provision of lifting devices & general requirements for lifting devices, Passenger lifts, Lifting platforms, Wheelchair platforms, Stair lifts, Internal stairs, Internal ramps, Handrails to internal steps, stairs and ramps.
• Specification for Audience and spectator facilities, Refreshment facilities & Aids to communication. > Plans are provided including a site or layout plans highlighting the above strategy. > Clear design intent is agreed with the client and communicated & negotiated with the Approval Authority.


  • A combined Disability Access Certificate and Fire Safety Certificate allows each requirement to dovetail and minimise overdesign and maximise client value. Alternative solutions taking into account the bespoke requirements of each building, rather than using general guidance, yielding a more cost effective design.
  • Detailed 3D modelling techniques including use of Lifts and Escalators can be used to evaluate and predict the performance of a strategy. This ensures efficient movement of people.
  • Our experienced team of full time Chartered Engineers provide a wealth of experience in the design and construction of buildings.
  • This service offered by MSA provides a seamless link between Access & Egress.