MSA’s Access Consultancy team have experience in working with the lead designers of building projects to create accessible design strategies for many building types varying from large residential projects, office developments, educational buildings, hospitals and healthcare buildings, large mixed use developments with external landscaping to a larger urban planning scale, small inner city developments, protected structures and listed buildings.

MSA have a unique skill base where we can create the Fire Safety strategy for a development at the same time as the Accessibility Strategy thereby saving time for the Lead Designers by identifying the main building layout problems from the outset. 

What this means is that we can ensure that the building is provided externally with the appropriate fire brigade access and fire escape routes, while complementing our strategy proposals with accessible entry and exit routes together with set-down points and parking facilities for wheelchair users.

MSA have unique experience with protected structures and listed buildings in the city centre, where we have developed successful bespoke solutions to problems which may otherwise have rendered a project unfeasible or unoccupiable.