Smoke modelling

The understanding of fire growth and smoke movement within buildings is a fundamental part of a fire engineered design solution.  MSA have invested significantly in this field and are able to provide international best practice solutions for smoke control design. 

Egress Assessment

The evacuation time for buildings is a key safety requirement.  MSA provide detailed modelling of occupant egress through buildings for a range of fire scenarios. 

Structural Fire Engineering

Advanced Fire Engineering is crucial because a severe fire within a building will affect the structure to some degree.  MSA provide a thorough understanding of the performance of a structure subjected to fire.  This allows a design to be optimised and applied fire protection to be rationalised, without affecting the performance of the structure.

QRA Risk Assessment

Quantified Risk Assessment is based on the use of statistical data, fault & event trees and deterministic analysis, such as smoke modelling, egress analysis and structural fire analysis.  It provides the most thorough assessment of fire safety in new and existing buildings.  MSA are spearheading its application in the built environment.