Located in South Dublin and encompassing 150 acres of land, the Cherrywood suburb boasts 4,000 Hines Controlled Residential Sites. Cherrywood also features a 53,500-square metre retail space, three public parks, four schools and 52,000 sq.m of office space for Dell, Abbott, Zoetis and other major companies. Award-winning architects like Munoz Albin, Levitt Bernstein and Dunnett Craven contributed to the design of various buildings within the centre.

MSA are working with Cherrywood’s developer and architects to ensure the fire safety of this exciting addition to the Dublin landscape. We’ve helped introduce an “open plan” style of building apartments, which members of our team have employed to great success in developments of comparable scale in London. Open plan design eliminates the entrance hall that’s typical of older apartments. These entrance halls, which helped provide fire protection for other rooms, have been part of the fire code for many years and, consequently, a major component of traditional apartment design in Ireland.

By removing these entrance halls, Cherrywood’s apartments can utilize more square space and create a more pleasant living environment. At the same time, sprinklers will ensure that the apartments will have the necessary fire protection.

MSA - Bankmore Square