Covering 93,000 square metres around the Central Bank of Dublin’s new headquarters, Dublin Landings promises to become a beacon for Dublin city’s exciting future. It includes more than 250 luxury residential apartments, numerous rooftop gardens and more than 60,000 square metres of commercial space. One of its most prominent features is an atrium that extends at least 35 metres high. When completed, Dublin Landings should have a Gross Development Value of over €700 million and help instill a spirit of vitality and vibrancy in the Docklands area.

MSA helped ensure the safety of the Dublin Landings development through a sophisticated fire engineering solution. To create this solution, we used a special in-house modelling program called Flash. With this program, we could calculate the area of ventilation needed to prevent a fire from spreading from one floor of the Dublin Landing to another. This calculation was based on the largest fire possible within Dublin Landing’s atrium.

MSA used the Flash smoke modelling program to come up with two possible solutions for the development’s atrium. One was for an open atrium, which would require a greater amount of ventilation. The other was for a closed atrium, which would form a reservoir for smoke from a fire and therefore require less ventilation. In the end, decisions made by Dublin Landing tenants prompted MSA to develop the closed solution.

MSA - Bankmore Square