Designed by celebrated Irish architect Henry J. Lyons, 10 Molesworth St. boasts a variety of impressive features. These include a LEED Platinum standard (indicates the highest level of environmental sustainability), an art installation by Joseph Walsh and terraces on the fourth and fifth floors, which provide great views of downtown Dublin.

To build the Molesworth St. building, developer Iput needed to demolish the 40 year-old office building that formerly housed the Passport Office. Iput also demolished half of the Q-Park Setanta car park located underneath the building. After they did, they created a lower ground office and two underground levels.

MSA helped Iput work through the complexities of gaining fire certification approval for the Molesworth St. building. This involved recommending fire protection systems that worked in tandem with the car park’s large ventilation ducts. We used smoke modelling to develop a solution that won approval from the fire officer as well as Q-Park Setanta’s team.

MSA - Bankmore Square