MSA has a world class fire safety research team led by Dr. Graeme Hansell and including Dr. Michael Quinn. Dr. Graeme Hansell has published several references on fire safety engineering.

Graeme Hansell’s experience in the field goes back to the late 70s, when he worked for Colt (Uk) who specialised in providing cutting-edge smoke management systems to industry and shopping centres.
Graeme also worked with the UK Fire Research Station to develop theories and mathematical models for dealing with smoke in atrium buildings.

In addition to his work with the UK Fire Research Station, Graeme held a position as visiting professor at the University of Ulster’s Fire Research Centre. He joined MSA in 1994 and has continued his research and experimental work.

Dr Michael Quinn holds a PhD in Fire Safety Engineering specialising in the performance of glazing panel systems in tall building fires. During this period he completed extensive experimental testing of glazing systems, subjected to the effects of localised fire. Michael’s research work gained acclaim in the industry, with publication in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings. Michael emerged successfully from this PhD programme in December 2013 and joined MSA in 2014.