Smoke modelling (also called computational fluid dynamics or CFD) is a major component of MSA’s services. It involves the use of a special program called Flash, which was developed by MSA partner Graeme Hansell. A widely recognised expert in the field of fire and smoke management, Graeme is a valuable asset to the MSA team.

Thanks to this, MSA has a far greater ability to develop solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs and keep the public protected from fire.
With the results produced by Flash, MSA can design fire suppression systems that allow a building to meet Technical Guidance Document standards. We follow this up with onsite visits in accordance with BCAR regulations.

MSA have employed smoke modelling in a number of large and complex projects. These include:
.Developing and installing fire suppression systems for Lidl’s regional distribution centres, each of which is about 50,000 square metres
.Creating the fire safety strategy for Dublin’s largest paediatric hospital, the National Children’s Hospital (this required 1.6 million meshes, making it our most complex CFD analysis ever)

  • Developing a unique fire engineering solution for London’s Cadogan Hotel, one of the city’s revered historic buildings
  • Developing the Bord Gais Energy Theatre’s complex fire engineering solution, which includes smoke curtains and smoke extract fans
  • Creating a smoke ventilation strategy for the Sports Ireland National Indoor Arena